Saturday, December 10, 2011

High discounts on online car sales

High discounts on online car buying

08.12.2011, 13:20 clock
The Porsche Carrera S, which offered a Swiss online portal for half the commercial price were gone within minutes. Now can be implemented elsewhere but still genuine bargains SUV.

Instead of around 144,000 € less than half: The Porsche-action of the Swiss online retailer was sold out within minutes.
Cologne / Geneva
A Porsche for half price, the offer can not be wealthy car lovers twice. Therefore, the Swiss e-tailers hadAccording to media reports yesterday in just a few minutes to settle the same six new luxury athletes of the 911 Carrera S for half the commercial price. Only about 72,000 Swiss francs (the equivalent of about 58,000 €) had to pay the new owners, but in return undertake to sell their cars to not at least a year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

These are the most value stable cars

You want to lease a car or sell in three years? Then you should find out before the sales period of the residual value forecast, for showing whether the purchase is really cheap.

You want to lease a car or sell in three years? Then you should find out before the sales period of the residual value forecast. We show the top 5 of the most stable vehicles in all classes.

Residual value at lease important
The German Automotive Trust (DAT) is determined, for example, a model which in three years is still worth it. For leasing company is the residual value is a key component in calculating the rate. The higher the expected residual value in the future, the lower may be the monthly payment. And even those who regularly sold his car, should the residual value in mind. Otherwise, you pay at the end on it, despite cheap new car price.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The sales success of Volkswagen

Volkswagen, VW also briefly mentioned, is one of the largest German automobile manufacturer. The company manufactures not only for the German market a variety of automobiles, but has since expanded and is represented all over the world. Sellers like the VW Beetle, the VW Golf or the types 1 and 2 are also well represented even today in many areas around the globe.

Volkswagen was born from an idea in the Third Reich, who wanted to enforce an "engine of the masses". In 1934 came the decision to build a VW for everyone. Three years later the establishment of the plant in Lower Saxony and a whole town developed around the work - Wolfsburg was born. The VW Beetle, which was built here as first car should be at 990 marks an affordable car for sale to everyone.

After the end of World War II, responsibility for the work of the British military government. Now, the series production of the VW began under the leadership of Major Hirst. Already two years later created the first settlement of a commercial export of the series-VW. Now, were the foundations laid for the success of the VW Beetle, which would later become a symbol of the economic miracle of Germany.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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On cars and motors that are for sale.